One instrument, different parts / layouts

I have a bass part (player) and will automatically make 3 different parts for Bes, Es and C bass (or bass and treble cleff) without copying the notes to the different players.

Adding a new layout part and selecting the bass player. Rename layout to Bass in Eb. How can I change the transposition and cleff?

Please search before you post.


All due respect, Leo,I find searching to be rarely useful, bcs this forum won’t let you search for phrases. If you search a 3-word phrase, even in quotes, (try searching “custom note heads”), you get every posting that has any of the three words anywhere in it.

I usually end up frustrated.

If there actually is a way I don’t know about to search a phrase, please tell me!

A quick search of the forum gave me this:

My terse response was because at the time Cees posted this thread, the one I linked to was literally six threads down the first page (after the pinned threads).

And yeah, fkretlow’s already found the thread where I grumbled about the search. If you follow Dan’s instructions for setting up a custom Dorfor search it works pretty well.