One issue that I wanted to mention about Cubase Pros :)

I still time to time, experience,

when I am working on my project, total of around 100 tracks,
carefully, fine-tuning and also,
routing to 'Group’s and,

sometimes, NOT all times (haha…)

I experiment with plugins and ‘disable’/‘enable’ numerously, and
the routing destination, gets messed up.

Sometimes, it is correct, sometimes when I disable then re-enable certain tracks,
it routes to master bus. (e.g. Stereo Out)

Anyone having similar issue and just stay ignorant about it…?

I always wanted to post about this issue of mine and… yeah!

  1. secondly, when I disable then enable, side-chain <— routing becomes, non-existent.

It happened to me quiet a few times, which made me, to ‘PRINT’ instead of leaving it on.
Because, with so many tracks, I forget and move on with that error, with SIDE CHAIN not behaving right lol…

Um… so hopefully, these minor issues (?) will be resolved soon :slight_smile:

I am a super happy user of Cubase 12 pro, but disabling/enabling causes some issues that could potentially change the end result sound :slight_smile:

It is recommended that you only post one issue per topic.
Also, would you mind following these guidelines and include a step-by-step?

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