"one knob" quick control mode

it can be a feature in studio-> studio setup “one knob”. connect a knob from your midi controller. when you select a parameter in any part of cubase you can adjust it by that one knob very quickly. you have your mouse on your right hand and the knob on your left hand and click… adjust, click adjust…
or with a touch screen lcd, touch on the parameter and adjust by the knob. very practical.

I agree!

This would be a great addition.


this is exactly what the big knob on the CC121 can do
very convenient
maybe it could be possible already

there are also Big knob controllers that use mouse wheel up/down and do some smoothing. They require the mouse pointer to be over the controllable parameter.
What you are describing sounds like Ai knob mode for any controller.

Ai knob… that was the name

The problem is that is only available on remote sdk, not generic remote.

the real problem is that it doesn’t get used by third parties and Steinberg has only one device with it…

True. And it even works spotty within Cubase in places.