One knob to automate them all?

(I’ve had several posts created this week - the responses have been very helpful, hope I’m not over-posting)

I would like to know, is it possible in Cubase to learn a knob that can be used as master control for every automation parameter? Logic Pro offered this functionality and it was very useful.

Do you mean some kind of physical controller?

If so, you could use an Avid Artist Transport, or a Steinberg CC-121. Both of these have a knob/wheel that can be used to adjust (almost) any parameter that you put your mouse pointer on.

Both these products are discontinued but they’re very well built so should be a safe bet buying a used one (I’ve owned both of them).

An all in one programmable one knob would be cool. Have it with a list made by user for each parameter. Good idea

Look on eBay or and see if you can find a CMC AI controller. They were a hundred bucks new. Whatever your mouse hovers over, that’s what the One Big Knob controls.

I’m now experimenting with an X-Touch but since you never know what a controller will play nice with, the AI is something I plan on keeping. Can’t believe they discontinued this series.

I have a 121 and couldn’t work without it now. But I also think you can simply use your mouse’s or trackball’s scroll wheel. Just point your mouse to the parameter you want to change and scroll.

I thought we went through this already… having one to rule them all, requires us to send more hobbits to mount Doom, and I can stand to have to watch another series of movies about that :wink:

The CMC-AI seems like a nice little box.
So sad they discontinued that series…

The CC121 is impressive but I can’t seem to find anywhere to buy it (in canada at least)
There’s not even a buy button on Steinberg’s website…?

It would be nice to assign any knob of any midi controller to be the “Magic Knob” that can controls everything…

I don’t know what the resources are in Canada, but I’d try eBay and if they do business there, to see if you can find someone selling a used AI. There’s not that much someone could break on it, so I’m thinking either it works or it doesn’t.