One Minute Rant: Select Channel

Clicking on a Channel in Mixconsole should ALWAYS navigate the Project to that track if you have sync activated.

Scenario: So… you click on a track in MixConsole and, if you have the right ‘sync’ setting, the same track is selected in Arranger. Great.

However, now move around in the Arranger… scroll up and down. Edit some clips. Whatever, but do NOT select a new track. OK, now yer miles away from the originally selected track. But it’s still selected.

Now, click on the original track (channel) again in MixConsole. Nothing happens. Why? Because again, Cubase thinks “it’s already selected”. BAD.

What it should do? It should do what it did the first time… move the Arrange display to the selected track. Doesn’t matter if the track is already selected. This would speed my navigation a LOT.