One more glitch ... track names screwed up

One more glitch with the latest version of Cubase :face_vomiting:

I’m writing a track name, once I hit enter the name is screwed up and has nothing to do with what I typed in.

Without any information about the OS version, system involved (laptop ?) and the exact names that should have been displayed instead, it’s going to be difficult to help…

So, meanwhile, you could try to use the safe mode launch of Cubase, with the Disable program preferences option. Beside this, any issue with your data entry device (with an eventual remore one involved) ?

MacStudio 2023 / M2 Max / 64GB RAM / Sonoma 14.4.1
Cubase 13.0.30

I typed DRUM ROLL and that’s what I got. For whatever odd reason it’s not doing it today. :face_with_peeking_eye: Maybe restarting my computer fixed the issue cause I didn’t do anything else that would’ve caused it. Even restarting Cubase and opening the project was still doing it in the meantime.

I had the same issue , do a search as i can’t remember what the solution was !!!



From which I suspect that HAT+CLAP = G@S*BK@O +1

Something to think about, related to the OS configuration… :thinking:

Anyone have a solution to this or should I learn this new Cubase language? :face_with_peeking_eye:

The IT dept’s go to response!