One more option in Snap Type drop-down menu: Grid Selection


Please consider adding the option of adjusting the grid to a selection of notes, but just temporary (not modifying the tempo track events—duuh!). The reason why I’m asking this is as follows. When it comes to snapping CC events to note events, the “Events” option doesn’t seem to be as effective as “Grid”. Thanks!

This might even be a bug in the Key Editor.
When you try to do the same thing in the List Editor you get the expected result. Can you check that on your system?

Doesn’t snap. At least I’ve learned I can also open the controller lanes (lower zone) in the List Editor (by hitting the assigned toggle key command).

(Snap Type is set to “Events”)

In Key Editor also doesn’t snap (with Snap Type set to “Events”):

Be advised that controller lanes are located on a different MIDI part than the note. But even if everything is inside the same MIDI part, “Events” option still doesn’t snap controller events to note start events. Which is why this feature (to have a virtual grid on selected notes) would be a plus.

Oh boy, having the controller lane open in the List Editor messes everything up for me.
However, if I drag the event directly in the list, with the controller lanes being invisible, it works just fine.

This is not meant as a workaround. However, it seems the proper functionality is already inside Cubase somewhere. It works in the List Editor but not with the lanes, be it in the Key or in the List Editor. So maybe it’s a bug.
@Martin.Jirsak , can you inquire with Steinberg whether MIDI controller events should adhere to the Snap Type setting?

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Same here. Dragging the event directly in the list makes the event snap to note start/end. Just so you know…

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