One more Video track, please

Dear Steinberg,

I understand that Cubase is not a video editor, however nor is Nuendo. Most of us indie film composers can’t afford to buy Nuendo in addition to Cubase Pro just so that we can have one more video track so that we can conform the master project when a new film edit arrives.

Please MAKE SOME EXTRA MONEY by selling us the second video track option at $29.95. Or even $35.99. Or $59.99 if you will so. One time fee.

Thank you, Steinberg!

Alex Kharlamov

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Hey Alex I have invented a workaround. I was using it to sync music and video (sketch, not precisely) without importing video to Cubase.

I made a precount for my music as a VSTi beeps. I run Cubase and than ALT+TAB to a video editor (Premiere or Sony Vegas) and than run video after 4 beeps. I am pretty successful in running music and video simultaneously. So I can judge if montage is good or need some edits, make them in Video editor.

When montage is 90% perfect, I import it in Cubase for 100% perfect audio synchronization.

Thank you for your insight but that’s not a workaround for what I’m talking about. When you write music to picture and then you get a new film cut, the music is now out of sync with the picture and you have to move and edit and sometimes re-compose the music or its parts. In order to figure out where you need to edit the music you have to figure out where the film was edited. Usually, there are many small edits and most of them are in places unexpected for the composer. So as the composer you have to load the old and the new film cut into your project window, find where the new edits are by visually comparing, say, dialog audio tracks, and when you find an edit you literally cut and move the old video and the music together to fit the new film cut. And you have to be frame-precise. That’s why we composers need to have the second video track in Cubase, just like in Nuendo.


Seems fair and very basic need for video.

I have not used video in Cubase yet, wait for new engine.

Does video track has track versions you can use for this need?

You can load one video version in each track version.

No, video track does not have track versions in Cubase. Steinberg wants us to pay $1,900 to get this feature, which is ridiculous. I’m offering Steinberg to make the second video track a purchasable option, which thousands of film and TV composers will buy instantly. Steinberg, you’ve added multiple Marker tracks for free for us, THANK YOU!! Please add just one more video track, and if you haven’t been adding it so far because you wanted us to buy Nuendo, please hear this: No, we won’t pay $1,900 just for this, we are not so rich, but we will pay $20 to $60 somewhat happily for it if you are so inclined!

And as far as other Nuendo features are concerned which Steinberg may think would be beneficial to us visual media composers, i.e. automatic conform using old and new EDLs - this does not work. Everything else I can do in Cubase 9 Pro and I don’t need Nuendo for it. All I’m asking is the second video track. NOT video track versions. I need to see both video tracks at the same time.

Steinberg, if you read this and I’m confusing you, let me come to your Los Angeles office and I’ll explain this and why this is so important in full detail.

Thank you!

good point, +1

but I give low chances someone will hear this

big corporations doesn’t interested in making feature requests, they are interested in profit (

that’s why I think it’s better to stay with small businesses that are attentive to their customers and not making yourself vendor locked.

version Cubase Pro 2nd Video track not gonna happen. Give it away for free too. Why Buying Nuendo than.
I don’t understand at all why selling Nuendo :smiley: What’s so special about it?

Steinberg DO hear what we post and they do add lots of great new features from user suggestions and requests. I’ve been using Cubase since version 1 and I’ve been sending them paper letters (before the era of email), faxes, then emails and they have addressed at least two or three major requests I’ve sent to them. For example, the whole way “Render in place” works was requested and described in detail to Steinberg my yours truly. You just need to keep pounding on the door and it will open.

They’ve included multiple Marker tracks, so no time is for two video tracks. I believe it will happen. The guys at Steinberg just need to understand why we need it.

Have a look at what I found today - a VST plugin that plays video - might be a workaround for now:

Whether you prefer original played in VST or new one - your choice.
If you want video to start x bars into project - Ctrl plus drag a slider to where it starts, or set a C midi note to trigger.

$15 + VAT is really good value IMO.

Go at and check featured artists. I think they will hear them first than us, unknown anonymous (unless you are Hans Zimmer on the forums). And forums are for us to boil in our own problems. Sometimes even a post on forums helps to overcome butthurt because of bug or feature missing, I admit it. But I don’t believe somebody who makes decisions reads this.

They said they will not treat forum issues as bugs anymore and will rely on their bug tracker.


please +1

Yes please,
We need a 2nd video track in cubase