One question about solo scrub playback

The tutorial video says (Dorico 5)
Ctrl + Shft + Space will do solo scrub playback (on the solo part where the mouse focus is)

I want to do this only with moving mouse
How can I do that?

Actually I don’t know what that means Ctrl +Shift + Space

Please explain to me
how to do scub playback for one solo part
using mouse only
or using keyboard only

Thank you !!

If you click the “scrub playback” button in the toolbar to toggle scrub playback on, you can then move your mouse over the score and hear all the instruments playing, then hold Shift to hear only the instrument under the mouse pointer.

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Hello, Daniel. Nice to see you again

However, I tried to hold Shift on while dragging, I can hear all the voices (treble and bass) in one instrument

Then? Then, can I hear only one voice among several voices in one instrument (polyphony)?
Also can I hear only one staff among several staffs in one instrument? (e.g. only treble staff or bass staff for piano)

I guess it is not working that way


You cannot focus only on a single voice on a polyphonic instrument, no.

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Thank you. Now I understand
See you again, Daniel