One side edit in a stereo project

Can anybody confirm if/how to make an edit on only 1 side of a stereo project?
I can’t find anything in the Select/Edit/Tools menus that will allow for this.

Thanks in advance.

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I’ve already mentioned how untuitive it is editing stereo and mono channels and suggested to make it more intuitive but (at this point) I’m tired of talking and I’m sure the developer is just as tired.

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There’s a Channels panel on the right side of the UI - just select the channel you want to do your modifications on (by default all channels are selected).

Mind that it is not enough to solo or mute a channel you want/don’t want to edit (with the buttons on the left of the Channels panel), you have to click on the right part with the name of the channel to select it. When it is highlighted, it is selected.

Thx Robin. Gottit.