One stave will not be hidden from score.

Marimba and timpani as group in setup mode.

Layout options > Staves and systems > Vertical spacing > Hide empty staves > After first system.

Yet … the marimba stave is present in all systems, even when it has nothing to play.

Is it the beginning of a project ?
If not, try selecting the empty bars (filled with rests) and delete them. Sometimes, and we do not know it, those rests are not “automatic” but “forced”. I read that deleting them could solve some problems (even though deleting them seems stupid, as they are still there. It is that “forced” property that you delete).

Thank you for your reply! Somehow it resolved itself, after I switched to Engrave mode.

But now I have a new challenge:

The project consists of four flows. The marimba part was a late addition. I added it, choosing the 5 octave marimba instead of the default 4.3 octave marimba. I was not sure what size of instrument the actual player will use, so I chose the largest one. Anyway, the marimba part is very simple and only moves about in the treble clef area.

The marimba part is two-stave, as it would be for a piano part, in the first flow only. For the next three flows, the part is single-stave – which is what I actually want.

How, if at all, can I change the marimba part to display only one stave throughout?

Here’s a thread on single-staff marimba -

Steinberg is working on it but it’s not ready yet.

Thank you. A temporary workaround: create a single-stave pitched percussion instrument (in my case, chimes), put in your music, change the instrument to marimba. The single stave is maintained.