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I bought a Yamaha MX 61 (used) and have been unsuccessful in getting proper communication between the MX and my PC. I downloaded the Cubase AI 6 disk that came with the keyboard. I downloaded the elicense thing, YC-3B, the Steinberg USB driver. When I went to download the mx61 remote tools, it says that it is not compatible with AI6 any longer. UGH! What do I do now? Thanks for any help

Hi and welcome,

Could you try to download older version of the MX61 Remote Tool?

There was only one to choose from. It shows my mx in the midi in but the midi out says “Microsoft GS wavetable synth”. Is this correct? Everything else seems right, but no sound out of pc when I play. At the bottom right corner, there is a green indicator that seems to move as I play, but no sound.


Shouldn’t be the MX Editor as an Instrument track?

Thanks for the reply. I May just have the wrong impression of what the software does. For example: I hook the sub cable (to host) and open cubase. It seems to recognize my mx but when I open a VST instrument such as Pianoteq, it continues to play the mx voice. I can play it directly on my laptop and hear it through the speakers (plugged into the mx) but I can’t play from the mx.


So the sound of Pianoteq, you can hear in the internal laptop speakers, but not in MX, right?

In this case, you have to set MX as your Audio Device in Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System. Select Yamaha/Steinberg USB ASIO Driver as your ASIO Driver.

I can hear it through the speakers plugged into the mx but I have to play directly on my laptop. If I play the keys on the mx, it plays whatever voice the mx is set on.

I see, now I got it (hopefully). :slight_smile:

You have to switch the Local Control Off on the MX61. If this is On, the signal from the keyboard is sent to the tone generator directly, plus to the MIDI/USB. Also make sure, the keyboard is sending MIDI data to the USB output in Setup of MX61.

Oh ok. I’ll check that when I get home. Thank you!

No. That wasn’t it either. Dang it! It was “on” I switched it to “off”
I could still play the on screen pianoteq keyboard and hear it but when I play the keys on the mx, nothing.

OK. Now, when you say “nothing”, it means, there is no signal, if you play MX keyboard, and Local Control is switched Off, right?

At this moment, can you see the meters in the Instrument track?

There is a signal. At the bottom of the cubase screen, there is some sort of window (1" high X 7" long) that appears to be for recording stuff and playback. On the right side, there is an orange light that rises and falls as I play. When I hover my mouse over it, it says “MIDI In Activity”. Then there are two green light indicators beside that that also rise and fall as I play. When I hover over them it says “Audio Activity (default Input Channel)”
The orange indicator works for both on and off on the local control. The green indicators only work when it is on.

Then there are two more green indicators beside those that only rise and fall when I’m playing the onscreen keyboard. They work on both on and off “local control”. It says “Audio Activity (main mix output channel)”

Also, for what it’s worth, when I play middle D, a mixer window pops up. When I play C, the record button lights up and a counter begins.

This is important. Any of Remote Device blocks your MX keyboard.

Own Devices > Device Setup. Select every single Remote Device and set MIDI Inputs and Outputs to None.

Thanks for your help. It shows my mx as the only remote device. I had setup the user commands like the picture from yamaha’s site. I reset them and that problem is cured now.

But still nothing from pianoteq or the YC-3B