One tiny graphical glitch , Inserts showing different boarders

It’s most probably in the list of known issues but here’s a picture of the issue .Nothing major , just a little niggle . I think it could be the remainder of having Qlink enabled but ive selected different inserts to move the focus but it’s still the same
After the horrendous start ,im more than happy with C13 , is sooooooo stable
different insert colour


Do you mean the Insert slots? Are these different Zones? Like the Left and the middle Zone? Our what is the divider between the Channels?

Look at the rims of the blue inserts , the ones on the left have a white boarder


What are the left channels and what are the right channels, please? Are these Left- and middle Zone?

Are you on Windows or Mac? Which version? Do you use HiDPI screen?

Left inserts are Audio ,middle zone , Right inserts are Groups , right zone
My spec’s in my picture card but it’s Pc


Sorry, I can’t reproduce it here on my side. Therefore I would like to understand it… The channels, we can see on your screenshots, are these Left & middle Zone or middle & Right Zone, please?

@ Martin the infos there , Left zone Audio tracks , right zone Group tracks

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