One Track Automation for all Track Versions?


Is it possible to link track automation with track version? If I create new version of track, the track automation stays the same. Why? If I record a melody and create an automation for track volume change, it belongs to this recorded piece. For another version of melody there can be another version of track volume changes.

For example - if a note in 1st version of track played at 3rd beat and volume automation have a peak with fade-out for that note, then in 2nd version the same note can be at 4th beat and of course the peak of volume should be on 4th beat. Now if I change volume automation for 2nd version of track, it applies to 1st version too. It’s not good.

Maybe there is another way?

This is something many of us have talked about improving - it makes a lot of basic sense. It would aid in a very significant way with speed and efficiency regarding track versions (make it optional so one can choose if one wants the automation to copy over or not, just like one can choose to do or not do with regions in the Project window.

Little (but actually big) things and refinements of current features like this are what Cubase needs.

Thank you for your response!

Very sad. At least part automation is separate for each Track version.

I want to see this happen too…