One VST, multiple Tracks

ok guys im using a mac, with cubase 6.5

question, My normal routine to add a vst instrument is:
Right Click, Add Track, Add Instrument Track.

I noticed, im adding too many vst instruments.
If I want to use 5 different sounds from halion, I would Load 5 halion.

I noticed in the demo projects given by cubase, They only have 2 Halions loaded and they’re used on multiple tracks,
with different sounds on each track.

how do I do that?

I go to “Devices, Vst Instruments”, and load the halion in there, it then gives me the option to add the midi track for it. but thats just one track.

If I want another track using halion, how do i just add a midi track, point to halion, but use a different sound(tone)?

Page 208 and other ones around that page.

lol, wow , u looked up the page number, but couldnt just give the answer…

You want others to read the manual for you? :unamused:
Basic midi. We all have to learn it. He gave the best answer.

lol, wow, u couldn’t be bothered to look for yourself…

  1. While routinely using the “Add Instrument Track”, you’ve never come across “Add MIDI Track”?

  2. What is it that makes you think you’re adding too many instrument tracks?

  3. The answer to your question is more than a simple answer, because it involves reading the Cubase manual, the HALion manual and to have a somewhat decent understand of the MIDI concept.

  4. I think that doing it with VST Instruments would actually make more work for you, since you no longer manage your music project in a manner of one to one (track and instrument), but as many to one (tracks and instrument). This distributes (MIDI) track administrative tasks across both Cubase and HALion. The way you are doing it manages the sounds in HALion and track administration in Cubase separately, so to speak.

  5. The VST Instruments way is, in my opintion, a simulation of “old school” synthesizer setups where the instruments can play multiple sounds on different MIDI Channels, and makes more sense to us from that school. :slight_smile: The Instrument Tracks, in my opinion, sort of removes the complexities of using MIDI Channels on MIDI Ports. If you do not understand what I just wrote, you need to read up on things (as described in bullet 3), or you will probably just get frustrated by trying. If you think you do understand, you should not have any problems after you read up on things (as described in bullet 3).

Now, feel free to get enlightened!

If you are not happy with my previous post.


Adding one HALion 4 instance in the VST Instruments rack.

Make sure you have two MIDI Tracks, both pointing to the same HALion 4 MIDI Port for Output Routing, and one MIDI Track to MIDI Channel 1 and the other MIDI Track to MIDI Channel 2. OR, the two MIDI Tracks can poing to two separate HALion MIDI Ports for Output Routing, so the MIDI Channels are separated between the two MIDI Ports.

HALion 4 is a flexible monster!

Thank you Elektrobolt, I will give that a try today.