one wip's

thanks for the feedback on “I Feel” I’ll have a little time away to work on it.

miz was really feelin the vocal on this
edit: lowered that offending loud string at the end, thanks kenny

and btw, I wanted to thank sav for his comments on my last acoustic thing, I hear ya mate. I don’t know if I’ll get back to that, I promised myself I’d only sing once a year so it ain’t time yet. :laughing:

I am really taken with Drowning, terrific keyboard work…great use of the effects to set the mood. Love the low notes at 3:00 prior to snare drum in. I wonder about the mix at end with the high synth parts(?) maybe being to loud. But everyone has an opinion right. Killer stuff!
Great vocals on I Feel. Bass part is really good what are you playing it on?


great atmosphere, again a bit Bowie like always :slight_smile:

the great thing about this song is although I don’t know the lyrics but the music and the way you sing makes it serious, in that you 100 procent mean it…Great job on that one!
On the end of the song when the rain comes in I got goosbumps…

If I had to nitpick…The guitar solo in the end…it’s played like a solo, but so faraway…I would either make that a more constan moody scape if you want iot to sound like that or bring it up some more.

I feel

Really like the Thereminsort of sound…you do have a thing for making things mysterious and strange…
Absolutely nothing wrong with the bassline,overall great timing.
Could almost be an oldskool 007 opening with psychedelic shadow girls moving through oil bubbles.

Greetz Dylan.

thanks mate, yup, you’re absolutely right about that end part. I wanted the lead guitar to meet up with the string but the 2 together boosted the response, I’ll have to automate both of’em down.
the bass is just a cheap ibanez sr300, di’d, compressed and much comping, lol

hey dylan, thanks. just to keep things straight, I’m just the lowly music/production guy, vocals on drowning are by mizieya, a fantastic vocalist who inspires the heck outta me to write. I need to work on the relationship between the lead at the end and the vocal, both need to live together without “drowning” each other out…needs more thought
“girls moving through oil bubbles” I can defo relate :laughing: . many moons ago I bought an expansion card for the korg m1 with new waveforms. I couldn’t find the thing for ages but now that I have it installed I can’t seem to put the m1 aside, its really opened up new possible sounds for the ol’thing.
cheery cheerzzz

Hey Bob,

I listened to both projects yesterday and it’s good to hear some
tunes from you again. I like both pieces, very different which is good.

Glad to hear some slide in there, and I hear what ya trying to do with it. :wink:
The wonderful thing about slide is it can sound like almost anything
depending on what you try. Some tasty parts here.

I think that solo needs better meshing with the vocal, but you already
think that way too.

Great female singer, very nice sound.

My only thought about the drums was that at times I felt the cymbals
were somehow not quite sitting right…too loud? To bright?

Anyway, for WsIP, these are coming along nicely.

ah thanks man.
lol rosso with my morning rice krispies, I’ll try anything.
I’ll try panning the lead over and some eq, er something, I kind of like the sound I have on the guitar, I hope thats not what ends up being the problem, then I’d have to do it over :frowning:
and yup, agreed, couple of those crash cymbals are too in the face, doolly noted

Nice tracks Bob. I Feel is really good, what drumkit is this?

Absolutely! :smiley:

Great songs, Bob. Both of them.
I enjoyed listening, great sounds, arrangements and performances. Good stuff! :sunglasses:


appreciate the listens, thanks. I always make custom kits from different collections, this one was a combo of bfd2 and a free jazz kit from pettinghouse

cheers to you wim. those vocal folks are the real stars, without them I’m just another instrumental guy in the woods

Are there a lot of instrumental guys in your neck of the woods?

Listened to them both a couple of times each. They sound great as usual. Mizieya puts a lot of drama into Drowning. The “orchestral hit” at the beginning sounds out of place to me, just a minor thing. I really like the slide guitar. The double bass coming in at “I have changed…” is perfect there. I don’t really like the guitar soloing over the vocal at the end; not sure what to suggest since he asked for it. Maybe put it further back and not so bright. Just a lot of interesting stuff to listen to from beginning to end.

“I Feel” is another beauty. Lovely voice. It just strikes me that the whole thing needs to rock a bit more. The parts seem to wash together – maybe it’s the guitar that has to be harder, or maybe more contrast in the sections. Just a thought. Agree with Jet on the cymbals.

hey how ya doin. yup, they’re lurking behind every tree :laughing: finding vocalists that are willing to do original music is painful, its very unfortunate. most of them think the only way to get a chance on stage is to do copytunes, that may well be true I don’t know. I left the circuit for good many moons ago. I have a younger friend, an amazing drummer, he really just wanted to play, he found a 6 bar circuit with this band and he says hes enjoying himself. they play “Stones” tunes…YUK!!! I’ve never said that to him, lol.

thanks for the comments early. thats exactly what I’m going to do with the lead, roll of the highs and move it back and left. the orch hit, well its supposed to introduce a fright after the fall in, I’ll prolly keep it there
for the 2nd one, yes again, couple cymbal shots are in need of fixing, will do. hmm, more rock orientated hey, I’ll think about that and see how it develops.
next sunday I’m leaving for a long stretch north, nothin but steaks, beer, fishin and whatever comes up… no work and no music, other than getting reacquainted with my jethro tull collection.

Dharma For One!
Look at those old buggers! Great stuff from Stand Up, done something like 30 years later. That would get me through the plague of mosquitoes you’re heading into!

wow you’re going back to the begining with that track, “this was” I believe. I bought the remixed version of “thick as a brick” so I’m looking forward to that, “benefit and passion play” would also be high on the list. I got “through the years” for the truck. they were great years, couldn’t get enough of them and gentle giant.

hah, that made me chuckle, but you forgot black flies, they’re our friends too.


Ah man, there you go again, deleting stuff! :imp: :laughing:

I did get a chance to hear it before it … :unamused: … vanished :laughing: , nice toon! :sunglasses:

Drowning is another good’un.
Maybe play something on the steel over the vocal at the end instead of the elec gtr?

Cool pics! Is that anywhere near Windsor?

Ha! This time I downloaded it before you deleted it! Got them both in my BlueBob folder.