OneDrive dramas

Hi all.
I am no computer expert so please go easy on me.
I have the following problem…

Windows advised me to turn Onedrive on to increase security, so I did.
Suddenly Cubase and my plug-ins automatically became oneDrive files because they were sitting on my desktop. (Apparently the desktop automatically links to OneDrive) Cubase became unstable and my VSTs wouldn’t open so I took it as a sign from the gods to wipe my entire SSD, reinstall windows and finally upgrade to 12pro (from 10.5 artist).

The problem is that OneDrive refuses to die.
I’ve uninstalled it and deleted the onedrive folder but as soon as I open Cubase it revives my Onedrive folder and creates a couple of folders within it C:/users/me/Onedrive/documents/Steinberg
And c:/users/me/Onedrive/documents/VST3 presets.
These folders contain more folders- crash dump, FX chain presets, Strip presets, MIDI remote, and user presets.
Cubase will run like this but it’s 50/50. Half the time it crashes whilst opening.

Please help.

I’d first configure OneDrive.
It can do two things:
Backup files and and serve as a ‘Cloud Drive’.
The behavior of OneDrive is also ‘linked’ to your Microsoft account, so simply deleting it won’t yield the intended result …
In the OneDrive account, you can ‘unlink’ your PC.

OneDrive settings → Manage Backup ->Turn off here.

Thanks guys but it doesn’t look like that’s the problem.
I did unlink the pc from onedrive before uninstalling it.
I’m pretty sure it is severed.
The onedrive files that cubase creates do not upload to the cloud.
They just seem to sit on my SSD as c:/users/me/onedrive etc.

Maybe it’s not a problem that it calls them ‘onedrive’ files?