OneDrive help needed / Missing Files Dialog

Hello Cubase Forum,

Are any of you OneDrive users and can you give me some advice?

The generals questions I have are what is the best approach to getting my projects back from OneDrive and onto my hard drive: Should I

A: Unlink now to stop it from going any further? and / or

B: let OneDrive (OD) do its thing and finish syncing (moving all of my files to OD); open the project from my computer then do a back-up of the project to my local drive? or

C: Attempt to restore my projects by keeping sync paused (I did not mean to do this it was an accident, see below) downloading the project folder from OD, then search for the missing files and copy them into the “Audio” folder for the project and point Cubase to them?

Note: I have not tried letting One drive sync in the background and opening a project an running it through the OneDrive folder. Or maybe you have a better suggestion.

Yesterday I accidently, while hurrying about, gave permission to OneDrive to “Save Space on my Hard Drive.”

Yikes, I had no idea it was transferring the files off of and from my local drive to the OneDrive (OD) Cloud. Desktop, Documents, and Pictures folder files. My Cubase Projects folder sits in the Documents folder and my projects of course have folders within the Cubase Projects folder. OD moved my Cubase Projects folder and that folder name no longer appears on my local drive.

I have paused Sync but only after realizing that about half of all of my files already left my hard drive. And the evil OD starts syncing again every time I start up the computer or look to examine file folders online in OD.

Here is the dilemma…I tried an experiment (with sync paused): I created a new Cubase Projects folder in my local drive Documents folder. Then I downloaded my most recent project into the new Cubase Projects folder and loaded the .cpr it went through the normal opening files process then stopped and gave me a list of missing files (all .wav files no peak files (at least no peak so far)). I made a screen shot of the missing files and then searched “This PC” but when the search results came back the file paths show that it looks like some physically files are transferred to OD some are at C:\users\ Documents\Cubase Projects and some are at C:\users\OneDrive\Documents\Cubase Project\Folder name. So I would have to search for all missing files and put them into a folder then point Cubase to that folder when the Missing Files dialog appears, I assume. Then once the project runs correctly, save it as a back-up to my local hard drive.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you Forum Members in advance.


If you want to use OneDrive as a working folder, you have to set the project directory to Always Offline. Otherwise, it’s pretty risky and can throw things out of sync. It’s usable, albeit always with some level of risk. You just have to set it up properly.

Personally, I would never work off of OneDrive. I’d just use a 500GB-1TB External SATA3 SSD in a USB 3.1 Enclosure. Those are too cheap to risk data corruption, project desync, data loss, etc. and are portable without any reliance on an internet connection.

If you set a folder to Always Offline, then using the Save Space option will skip that folder and all of its subfolders :wink:

But, I think you should avoid working off of OneDrive.