Ongoing request: remove the ellipsis from plugin names in inserts and sends

Been there, asked it, still there…
get rid of the ellipsis (…) in the insert/send name slots
Now which one of Valhalla’s plugins are listed here?

Now let’s look at how C6 handled this:

Yes, it maybe looks a bit weird, but at least I know which plugin is which.

Similar problem with FX sends:

There’s even lots of space left!

The ellipsis doesn’t add any useful information, on the contrary. Get rid of it, please please, pretty please?

Use an algorithm similar to C6 and earlier. If too little space for plugin name, do the following

  1. Remove characters that are not characters or numbers: space, underscore, minus and so on. They are unneccesary.
  2. If still too long, iteratively remove vowels starting at the back. The human brain is remarkably good at deciphering words without vowels.
  3. If still too long, reduce the font size.



+1 As you said, it’s been requested so many times. Many plugin companies’ plugins are indecipherable from each other because of this, like the Valhalla example you posted.

Agree. Characters with more meaning than an ellipsis would be more useful.



I would also like to see an option to create aliases in the Plugin Manager.





No, it is perfectly alright - and +1

Makes sense.

it’s exremely annoying always having to guess which plug you’re opening.
and with cubase 10 an intelligent cubase-6-style abbreviation algorithm has already been implemented in the VST-rack, so can’t be too hard to apply this to plugin names.



+1 for the OP’s first two bullet points…particularly because the routine had been previously worked out. That code has to be lying around somewhere. As to the 3rd, I’d prefer if the font size remained consistent.

Two years later and still a problem guessing shortened plugin names in the mixer. Like this recently:
cubase mixer bluecat

Look, even in today’s instrument rack the old Cubase6 method of shortening plugin names (first remove spaces etc, then iteratively remove vowels) is still used, and it works:
cubase rack

Please use that in the mixer window for inserts and sends, too!!

How anyone could think the ellipsis method is better is beyond me. Replacing letters from the original name with three points just removes useful information and doesn’t help at all.

Alternatively, let us set aliases for plugins in the plugin manager.

Totally agree, this is really counterproductive to have to guess or conduct an investigation as to which plugin was used in this is that slot.

It looks to me like the ‘x64’ should be first characters to be removed, in both examples.