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This is my first post, and I am new.
I have played with DAWs for a long time. It’s really a hobby thing for me.
Recently I would like to learn how to ‘level up’ if you will. That is to say. I’d like to really understand Music recording, production, all the way to mastering.

My question: Are there any online courses (preferably Cubase friendly) or books that you can recommend that can help me with this?

In short: What are good reads? Which way should someone who wants to learn go?

Many thanks in advanced, and thank you for your time.


Welcome to the forum!

I suggest the Steinberg tutorials, the Steinberg sessions with Future Music and a monthly subscription to Groove3 videos. Also, Google is your best friend :wink:


Wow thank you for the swift reply. I will check out the Steinberg sessions later today.
Much appreciated, thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Some say this goes a long way to getting you going, and then some: . I heartily recommend it.

Oh, and his new book, “Recording Secrets for the Small Studio”. I don’t have that one, so can’t recommend it in the same way, but I would bet a lot of money it is out of this world great also.

Finally, this: Forum

Just want to give you guys a little update.

I have ordered a copy of bookmarked SoundOnSound forums, and subscribed to groove3.

Also stumble upon a website with a list of books (Mixing Secrets is listed here) wondering if there is any other gems that people would highly recommend.
I’m more thinking of people who are further than me in the audio world, re that last question.

Thank you for the replies, really excited.

Look up Bob Katz regarding mastering. Bob Katz - Wikipedia

This book is excellent…

Hope that helps. :sunglasses:


Yes, Mike Senior’s above book is superb!



Hey! Cool theme :slight_smile:
I have a poster on my wall with Bob Katz in the studio :slight_smile: I’m even thinking of naming my next son Bob. I’m wondering if there are books or video tutorials out there to hug how you can intelligently create a symbiosis of analog and digital (DAW) production?
I have a large analog console full of analog synthesizers and an analog tape recorder.

Can you give a review on Mixing secrets? I considering to buy it. :grinning:

thank you I think this is what I was looking for and I think it will help me a lot !

I second this recommendation. The range of what they offer is very broad (from how-to-use various plugs, DAWs etc. to music theory & technique) and each subject is broken up nicely in bite sized chunks. Just finished watching their Cubase 11 Update videos which showed a lot of things I’d overlooked or not paid proper attention to.

If you can fork out for LinkedIn Learning (formely they have amazing audio production courses. You need to have a LinkedIn account to begin with but I think they offer a one month free trial of LinkedIn Learning. There are several Cubase courses but the Bobby Owsinski courses are worth the asking price alone: