Online guitar lessons?

I am playing guitar a very long time and can keep up with most of the players I’ve met. Please don’t interpret this as boasting…it’s not.

I am looking to challenge my playing in a few areas and I am wondering who may have had good success with any of the thousands of online websites offering such instruction.
May sound odd but I am near 60 years old next year and still enjoy 1970’s rock( I kinda enjoy that blue cross commercial with the old guys band playing " born to be wild") jazz has been my forte in the last 10 years and looking towards some kind of song writing before my hands and brain turn to s#|t.

Seems like they offer how to play a tune…nah, I can figure that out on my own. Maybe a different technique? How to mix all of these freaking pedals I see out there or how to develop tones?

So I’m looking for a few suggestions

I’ve never tried an online course, but look at the dvd’s with guitar mags and have bought a few instructional tapes/dvd’s over the years. Interested to see what you find as I’m always looking to expand what I know.

Why not try Youtube. Everything from how to tune the guitar, all the way to Paul Gilbert giving you whiplash injuries … and everythinging between. Some are just baiting to hook you up for a site selling complete courses, but the majority it seems are enthusiasts and MAKE NO MISTAKE … they know what they do!!! :astonished: :laughing: Then there are the usual percentage of goofballs, but the sheer number of good ones makes it worthwhile. :sunglasses:

Sorry Steve , I’ve been there!

Been on YouTube and have seen a couple of things that I thought were decent and you are correct…the bait is out there.

I’ve always enjoyed listening to gear that can add a change to my playing. I’ve really never used any in near 50 years of playing… I bought one pedal in 1967, a fuzz box.
I have gotten into adding some of Cubases’ effects to my audio recordings and that’s about it. So my interest in getting some great tones to add to my “rock” playing really has a big interest. The rest has always been my guitar and some reverb. Those NAMM show YouTube videos always interest me it’s the knowledge that escapes me.

I am grateful for my early guitar lessons with my “uncle” Frank who was very strict on form and theory. It gives me the background to use any kinds of chords and inversions. Never did any tapping. I don’t think I could get it right if I tried… That’s the kind of stuff I might enjoy adding to some of the things I play. After getting a bit bored, I did buy a pedal steel Carter Starter 10 years ago so I am learning to use it…the GR33 has gotten really big marks in diversifying my music. Adding all of the little elements to my tracks has made a big difference

See…ask someone who knows and get the right answer…Makes sense Steve, thanks…

I think my problem is…WHile I no longer live in an isolated rural area, I do have a tendency to isolate myself. I know the same 4 or 5 guys that I play with who are essentially like me. No experimentation…no other younger musicians who can say" here’s what I do…try it this way, plug this there etc…" This is why Cubase was nearly dead for me the first 2 years. The local music stores are not like some I had been to MANY years back where there was a great blend of people willing to sit and BS…

Like you have probably heard ( and I know it true in California as well ) DRIVING ANYWHERE HERE sucks… my 60 mile commute to work is a 2 to 2 1/2 hour waste of time one way. BY the time you get home and do everything else that needs tending to…your ready to fall asleep and get ready to start all over again…

Hurricane Sandy was nearly 1 year ago in October and I am ONLY NOW getting to the rebuild process since the flood maps are STILL not finalized…only proposed so we had no real idea about whether to raise the house or just repair where is. In Theory…this is due at the END of August…Theory only though

Years go flying by, I am also fearful that my biological fathers hand issues are developing on me. Some days my right hand finger joints ache like hell. IF that continues, my guitar playing is short lived and the times I figured in for retiring and playing and enjoying the balance…might really change. I am inspired by Bucky Pizzarelli though, his right hand is bad but certainly good enough to hold the pick and his left hand is like jazz lightening. When I shook his hand last time, he used his left.

It turns out to be the same lesson everyone talks about when your 20…life is short, make the most of it…yeah, yeah,

By the way. You have, what I think, is a very insightful logic on several topics…Not blowing sunshine you know where but…I really enjoy reading some of your “thoughts”


Once again Steve, nicely stated. Frankly, I also agree. I saw the 90 yr old woman sky-diving…terrific. As I’ve said my 94 yr old father has been active all of his life except the last several months where things are slowing him down…mostly lack of strength, not mental capacities but I believe it is due to his insistence on being active as long as he could.

The house …lotsa work. Feel like doing some electrical ? :smiley:

I may FINALLY get to a club Cubase event they hold monthly at a Guitar Center not too close but I can look into it when I’m there. I’ve had intentions of going 11 times in the last year. This is near where I work but I’m out of work by 2:30 or so in order that I can head home at the tip of the insane rush hour. If I hang til 7:00 go to the meeting and go home at 9 or 10. Traffic is easy but I need to be up the next day at 4… At my age I find those late night …no sleep nights, no longer apply