Online orders for Dorico will not allow processing my credit card. Your site is a mess

I am registered as a Steinberg customer and also registered as a customer for online shopping. On the online shopping website, a screen prompt asks for my credit card details for Dorico Pro, which I provide. Then ““please wait”” . Then "“my payment cannot be processed” contact bla bla bla. I tried this three (3) times to no avail as I am getting the same message. Really I won’t put up with this. It is the most infuriating process. Who wrote the code? It’s a disgrace. Fix it or you’ll be losing potential clients.

Just keep in mind this is a user forum, so no one here can fix your problem.

The shop site is maintained by Asknet, not Steinberg itself. If your payment can not be processed it means there is a problem with the choice of payment you took. Did you try a different payment, like instead of credit card, via Paypal, or so?

And if you get the hint that you should get in touch with Asknet, why not doing it, instead of complaining here?

Dear JuergenP, As you mentioned, this is a user forum, and from what I see, after some perusing of the forum, many problem issues are brought up by a host of users. So when you mention " no one here can fix your problem" I am troubled by your response. I am abiding by the policy of this Forum whereby "“Constructive criticism is welcomed”. Secondly, I do not believe I am the only customer having this issue. BTW the response I got from the Online Shop Support (from Steinberg) was as follows: ““Please select the payment method you’ve used to buy your Steinberg product to be redirected to the corresponding support team. PayPal other payment method”. Well I tried the with my MasterCard and that didn’t work. Now you are asking me to pay with PayPal - which I am not a member and never will be. Are you saying that “PayPal”” is the only payment agent you will accept? Yet on your site, you provide for other payment agents such as VISA, MASTERCARD etc.

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I’m sorry you’re having problems making a purchase from our online shop, @jccube. Depending on what you want to buy, it may be possible to buy from one of our reseller partners, which could be an easier way to make your purchase. If you would like to persevere with our online shop, then you could send me an email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I can try to find the right colleague to help figure out what might be going wrong.

Hello dspreadbury (november 21, 2022)

I will try with a reseller. What resellers are there in the city=Montreal, province=Quebec, Country=Canada.

I have already tried

AVShop in Ontario. This is their response: Customer Service

2:33 PM (6 hours ago)


to me, AVShop

Hi Jacques,

Thank you for contacting us at!

Unfortunately this is not a promotion being offered by Steinberg in Canada

P. 905.695.9079 // T. 1.866.578.0255
1 - 235 Hood Road // Markham ON // L3R 4N3 //

I thought your sale was worldwide or is it?

Can you order from over the internet?

In my experience (and this is not specific to the Steinberg online store), in many cases, credit card companies can get a little bit block-happy, in terms of their automated security finding certain transactions suspicious and automatically blocking them. They often seem to have some kind of automated algorithms that determine what your normal purchasing habits are and auto-block things outside the norm. I run into this issue fairly frequently, particularly when trying to pay for parking. In my case, I end up putting it on my credit card via Paypal to avoid having to call the credit card company and get them to unblock the transaction.

I’m not saying that is certainly what is happening here, but you might want to call your credit card provider to get them to unblock the charge if they have blocked it.