Online shop: repeated errors at checkout: unable to pay for upgrade

Hello. I am a Dorico user from the US, living in South Korea.

I have tried about 20 times this morning to pay for the upgrade from Dorico 4 to 5 (pro) - unsuccessfully. Each time my card is denied with some unexplained error, and I have tried a US credit card and a Korean credit card, both multiple times. Then I tried switching my location to the US, which unlocks the ‘pay with PayPal’ option. After attempting to do the transaction with my US bank account in PayPal, it fails, saying my current location doesn’t match my PayPal account (I’m assuming this is because my IP is in Korea.) Then it boots me back to the checkout screen configured for Korea (without the PayPal option).

Now, after so many errors, no matter what I attempt the window just says to ‘contact us for assistance’.

I originally bought Dorico through the online shop and payed while in Korea (probably with my US paypal account), so I don’t understand why this problem is just popping up now. I would appreciate help in fixing it.

[By the way, it’s completely insane that I have to post this on a public forum, since your links for ‘opening a support ticket’ leads me to a page where I have to contact some retailer from a catalog - which doesn’t even include the country in which I live. Put up a real support ticket system for goodness’s sake.]

Just to be thorough, I also attempted Amazon checkout, which returns the same unspecified and very unhelpful error:
“An unexpected error occurred, and we are not currently able to accept payment.”

After contacting my US bank and letting them know about the transaction I was attempting (in case they blocked it) - I then tried once more with that card, at which point I received again this message:

“We regret that your order could not be accepted. We value your business and would like to help you complete this order. Please contact us for assistance.”

Thanks for letting us know about this. We have changed our web shop partner since the last time you purchased from us, so that would explain the difference now.

I will ask my colleagues in our support team (who can talk directly to FastSpring, our provider) what you might be able to do and come back to you when I have heard from them.

I’ve been in touch with my colleagues in support, and they have been able to look at your attempted transactions with FastSpring, and the issue is definitely that you are located in South Korea, but your address is in the US. Presumably you have an address in South Korea, so I would suggest you use that if you possibly can.

My colleague recommends that you contact FastSpring support directly for help with completing your purchase. You can do that here:

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the quick reply. I will take it up with FastSpring. Best wishes!

Edit: Just for your future reference, I also did try the transaction with a Korean card and Korean mailing address. It also returned an error (this could be because Korean cards have a different format - and different alphabet - for both name and address.) Such a situation might pop up with other customers of yours living in East Asia as well.

I’m having the same problem. Trying to update from Dorico Elements 4 to 5.

My location is Croatia. At the moment waiting for a call from my bank.

Sorry to hear that, Pedro. If all else fails, please contact the support team at FastSpring, who are typically very helpful:

I’m having the same issue - I’ve sent a form, but still…

Sorry to hear that, @ATC. I hope by now you have received a response from the support team at FastSpring and have been able to make your purchase as planned.