Online Store - How in the world do you create an accout?

I’ve been trapped in a loop trying to create an online store account so I can upgrade to Elements 12. With the upgrade in my shopping cart it tells me i need an account because the regular Steinberg account doesn’t work. But there’s no place to do it. There’s a login button but no place to create a new one. Unless I’m blind I see nowhere to do it. I’ve been all over the site looking but no luck. Really frustrated. Can someone point me in the right direction?


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I believe that entering your complete Billing Address and clicking “Go on to Overview & Payment” to the bottom right creates a new Steinberg Shop account for you. It’s been a while.

Thank you for helping. Appreciate it.

It still took some time and that whole process is a real mess:

  • After entering Billing Info it then asks for your shipping info. They give a box you can check for “shipping address is same as billing”, you check it, but the box to proceed further into checking out stays greyed out. So you can’t check the “same as billing” box. Enter all your info again and then you can finish the purchase.

  • Also, at the beginning of the process it tells you that you need login/account info different than your regular Steinberg login but actually no you don’t. At no point did I need to create an account for the store.

Hopefully this info will help someone else who struggles with it. But they really should do something about the process. It should not have to be such a runaround hassle.


I couldn’t agree more, what a total mess, am still trying to upgrade to C 12, Am going around in circles, will not accept my Invalid password !!!