Online Store Login Difficulties

So, I’m trying to buy Cubase 10.
I can’t log onto the My Steinberg web page to get my details, it will not accept my password.
I then go to the reset my password web page which isn’t working either
So i send a mail and get an automated reply telling me that i’m going to have to wait.

The same problem. Login failed.
Okay, no purchase, Steinberg.

It is kind of screwy. Make sure you are using the right account. The Forum, My Steinberg & Asknet (where ya buy stuff) all have entirely separate accounts with separate usernames & passwords.

I had a little bit of the same issue but was able to reset my Online Store password without delay via an email link (this was yesterday, the 14th Nov). My regular Steinberg account info still works. It is a little screwy, but hang in there. It’s worth it.

same here. had to reset my password. then it worked.

You don‘ t need your MySteinberg account to buy an update.

I struggled with this a few years back only to realise, as Raino has it, 2 different accounts, separate log ins.

I do not know how to change the password in the steinberg store. I also do not know why it would be different than the account login… Hmm

I clarified the topic title and removed some posts, as this thread had devolved into ranting about general release stuff. You’re posts are not deleted, if you want a copy so you can repost (on topic) PM me.

I have just purchased Cubase Artist 10 from Steinberg store, password given in confirmation email does not work. How do I contact a human to discuss. I am new to Steinberg and so far I am not that impressed.l

I have put a email in and am still awaiting the email from the online shop so I can reset a password just so I can log in to investigate my ticket which i submitted no problem inn regards to a discount not being applied. It is strange.