online streaming

Hi everybody.

I use Nuendo 5.5. I need to send the output of the master bus to somebody online in real time.
The guy doesn’t need to interact with me or record/perform, just listen in real time to the mix. It could even be a one way system, we could talk over the phone to communicate.
Any way to do this that doesn’t involve buying a piece of software?
The guy doesn’t even have a DAW.

Any advice appreciated.

Skype works prefectly.


Thanks Fredo.
How do you do that?

Assign a nuendo cue send to Skype
Assign the Skype return to a Nuendo inout. (Set monitor “on”.
Now you can “send” anything you want (including Talkback) to the other side.
And route the incoming Skype signal to Control Room and/or Cue sends to whereever you want.


Thanks so much for your help, I’ll try this out.
But what about Asio driver? Wouldn’t sharing the asio of my RME soundcart between Nuendo and Skype create a problem?

Indeed, you can not do this “internally”, you have to go through the I/O patchbay.
Assign Skype to Physical outputs of your system.
Skype Settings.jpg
Then route a Cue output (say 4) of Nuendo to an output and patch that to the Skype input.
Patch the Skype output to a Nuendo input.
Create a “Skype Input” track and put that track in monitoring mode.
This will allow you (and anyone else though cue sends) to hear what the person at the other end says.

You can choose which tracks are send to the Skype person by the use of your -in this example- Cue4.
That goes for your talkback mics too, just send the talkback additionally to Cue 4.

It seems complicated, but it isn’t. Just think of it as an additional outboard box with physical Ins and Outs.
Or you can put Skype on an external computer and hook up the I/O’s to your main system.


Thanks Fredo.
Yes you are right, it is really simple if I think about it. Little embarrassed I haven’t thought about it myself right from the start. And hooking up an external computer! that’s very basic. I’m ashamed!

No worries. The most simple things are sometimes the most complicated ones.


Hi, I know it’s been a while but I finally had the time to try out the Skype streaming idea. Unfortunately Skype works only in mono. Since what I need is to play the mix to the client in order to adjust a few sounds, listening in mono doesn’t give them the right idea of what is going on in the mix.
Any other software or phone app out there to use for stereo streaming with Nuendo?