Online Support working?


I put up a support ticket due to a missing license around 9 days ago, and got no reaction yet. Is the support center working these days?


Yes, our technical support team are working every day, but unfortunately there is an enormous backlog of tickets, and it may take some time for your ticket to get a response. If the problem is something I can help with, feel free to either describe the problem here or send me a private message. If I’m able to help, I will do so.

Thanks. It’s not a big deal because dorico still works and I won’t be updating during the next weeks. It seems that’s something that only they can deal with, but I’ll leave here the information for public reference (but without attachments).
First I searched the forum and couldn’t find a similar issue, but apparently in the last days have been more posts regarding licence issues.

  • while starting Dorico Pro, I got some error notifications (see 2 images attached). Then I started the e-licenser with admin rights, but it asked for an activation code. When I logged into my steinberg, I see that my dorico license has disappeared, and I can’t find these details anymore.
    Can you restore the data of my license? I attach also the pdf of my bill last year when I bought my dorico pro license.
  • Dorico does run and saves (it was already activated)
  • I tried to synchronize the elicenser database, but there was an unsolvable error reported, the 2 pictures illustrate it.
  • error5 shows the current display of the elicenser.

It’s probably a good idea to wait until the other side of the weekend to try anything else to resolve this due to the ongoing issues with the license server, but in theory, provided your license shows up as expected in eLicenser Control Center, there’s nothing too serious amiss. You should try re-registering your eLicenser in MySteinberg.

No problem, I thought so. Despite the warnings everything is working, so there’s no hurry to wait until they’ve sorted through the cases.