Only 2 inputs?

Hey, any hints on why I’d get only 2 inputs as options for multitracking recording? Using Cubase 3.4.2 on Android 10 with Behringer UMC404HD. LG G8 Thinq phone w/6GB RAM. Any other devices having this issue with?

Yes, all android devices have this issue.

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Is there supposed be a fix in the future for Cubase 3?? I’ve got other app that simultaneously do my 4 inputs on android with no trouble. Love Cubase, but that’s a big missing spot.

I don’t know. You may get a better answer if posted in Cubasis forum category.
@LSlowak often responds to questions related to Cubasis.

(I have changed the topic tags, hope you don’t mind)

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Thank you. Much appreciated.

Hi @Michael_TX,

Thank you for your message.

As of yet, Cubasis for Android is limited to 2 inputs and outputs.
Please follow this link to check out all available features in Cubasis for Android:

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ho really ?
i thought its an android limitation , hope Steinberg adds multiple in/out support for android too soon

Right! I just got Cubasis for my Galaxy Tab s8 and I could not figure out why only 2 of my 4 inputs would work. Hopefully they update it and add more.