Only 2 inputs?

Hey, any hints on why I’d get only 2 inputs as options for multitracking recording? Using Cubase 3.4.2 on Android 10 with Behringer UMC404HD. LG G8 Thinq phone w/6GB RAM. Any other devices having this issue with?

Yes, all android devices have this issue.


Is there supposed be a fix in the future for Cubase 3?? I’ve got other app that simultaneously do my 4 inputs on android with no trouble. Love Cubase, but that’s a big missing spot.

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I don’t know. You may get a better answer if posted in Cubasis forum category.
@LSlowak often responds to questions related to Cubasis.

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Thank you. Much appreciated.

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As of yet, Cubasis for Android is limited to 2 inputs and outputs.
Please follow this link to check out all available features in Cubasis for Android:

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ho really ?
i thought its an android limitation , hope Steinberg adds multiple in/out support for android too soon

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Right! I just got Cubasis for my Galaxy Tab s8 and I could not figure out why only 2 of my 4 inputs would work. Hopefully they update it and add more.


Just got Cubasis for my Android phone, having used Cubase for years. Thought it would be a useful tool for recording band rehearsals, etc, using my audio interface but without having to take my laptop along, since sometimes I’ve managed to get great recordings from those sessions. Unfortunately the limit of 2 inputs for Android is a huge limitation on what I can do. Steinberg, please can you address this limitation as soon as possible.

Hi, is it possible to prioritise removing the limitation of 2 audio inputs on Android devices? This is a huge limitation on what I (and I suspect many other Android/Cubasis users) can do with the product. Even increasing to 4 inputs would make a big difference, although allowing as many as the audio interface can support would be preferred. Thanks.

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Your request has been shared with our engineering.