Only 2 tracks of my Tascam M-164UF available in Cubase

Hi everybody !
I recently bought a Tascam M-164UF 16 channel mixer from the late 2000’s to work with Cubase.
I chose this mixer because it was supposed to be compatible with older versions of the software.

I installed the latest drivers, but to my surprise, only the first two tracks are available for recording. I could replicate the same issue with Audacity and Ableton. Cubase sees all 16 tracks but can only record from the first two. The playback function of the unit also do not appear to work.

I have tried installing older devices, other DAWs, but I only get those four tracks. I had sound coming from my first four inputs to make sur it wasn’t an idle problem.

Do you have any idea what may be causing this?

PS : Installing ASIO4ALL did not solve the issue either.

I managed to make it work after multiple reboots.
If anyone is having a similar issue, I managed to make it work by following the following steps :
1 - Install the ASIO drivers
2 - Install the Tascam M-164UF latest drivers (the one which came out in 2016)

To be completely honest I have no clue as to why it didn’t work when I installed them the other way around but at least it does work with both Cubase and Ableton.


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