Only a single input Channel receives Signal when MR816CSX used with external effect (stand-alone w/out cubase)


I have my MR connected to Lexicon MPX 550 via S/PDIF. I get sound out channel 1 sound but on channel 2, 3,… no signal comes out of master/headphone. MR816CSX is used with external effect stand-alone w/out Cubase. I have set MR editor Clock source to “internal”, Digital I/O External FX to S/PDIF (opt/coax).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS. I will try to use the external effect with ( insert cable) to see if it works that way.

I used an insert cable to connect two external effects to MR. It seems only channel 2 passes through both effects! and all other channels are disabled!

On MR-Editor, all the analog inputs have identical settings. I don’t know what is makes MR to have only one input channel enabled!