Only first page of pdf exported

Dear Dorico team,

I have encountered a weird bug when exporting my instrumental parts. Occasionally only the first page is get included in the pdf. I want to mention that I am using the most recent version of Dorico ( and I have created a title page for all my layouts by inserting a custom made master page in the beginning. Eventually I get the job done by exporting until everything is looking like it is supposed to, but since it’s not working like it should I think you would like to know.


Forgive the basic query, but your print options are set correctly to print the whole thing?

FWIW, the most recent version is 2.1.10.

Also, welcome to the forums.

Yes, they are set to print the whole thing (or rather to export the whole thing since I am using the built in pdf export). And it only affects some of the layouts, and different layouts on different attempts (using the same settings). :confused:

And sorry, I realised that I must have missed the most recent update. But I guess it might still be relevant since I do not see anything about it in the version history.

Thanks! :smiley:

Just in case you missed some other recent threads as well, there will be another update very soon (probably this week) so you might as well wait for that one now!

Thanks, although I have not missed that particular one. :stuck_out_tongue:

If it truly is exhibiting different behavior depending on which layout you are trying to print, you’ll want to send it to one of the developers so they can screen it for bugs. That said, since today is apparently “Happy Dorico Day” you should probably try opening the program in the new version in a day or two and see if the problem is fixed by the update.

You could also post it here, zipped, if you’re willing. I’m sure another user would be happy to take a look and try to duplicate your issue.

I will clarify one point (it doesn’t appear to be the issue here if the OP is sure of their settings, but I’ll still mention it for anyone finding this thread in the future because I was burned by this once):

The graphic export settings mirror those on the print side. If you change the page range for printing and then switch to export a graphic, those same settings will be retained even though they they were set on the other panel. You can also change the page size for printing and that, too, will affect graphic export. Intriguingly, you can see the page size setting in the export mode, but it is greyed out. You can only change it on the print side although it affects both actions.

Romanos, I believe that changing the paper size in the Print panel shouldn’t affect graphic export unless you’re using a job type other than “Normal” (such as booklet). If you’re exporting a “Normal” job then the only page size that matters is the one set in Layout Options.

I just tested this and changing the size (or any other parameter) definitely effects the graphic export (I’m glad it does!). This allows you to export PDF’s of various things like 2-up spreads, or scaled to different sizes without the need to create a whole new layout.

Did you check that with a “Normal” job, e.g. NOT a 2-up or a booklet?

Hrm. You’re right. Well then, my vote is that Dorico gets updated so you can export those different versions independently with the proper characteristics. If it can generate the document and show it to you when you change the settings, you should be able to export it that way too.

This has been discussed at length previously. The preview thing is done directly by the Qt framework so it’s a pain to change (Dorico developers would have to start again from scratch).

I have tried to reproduce the faulty behaviour a couple of times now and I did not succeed.

Since I have not touched the settings on the print side I doubt that is it.

I took your suggestion and tried all the different settings without succeeding to reproduce the error.

This is so fishy! And I really don’t like the idea of not being able to trust that the preview in the app is guaranteed to be the same in the pdf export.

Frigolito, those last couple of posts of mine were directed at Romanos, not at you!

Pianoleo, I realise that, but since it was not my idea originally I thought it would only be fair to credit you. :wink:

To summarise:

Print mode: “Printer”: Any Job Type: whatever paper size you select will be the one that’s used for printing.
Print mode: “Graphics”: Job Type: Spreads/2-up/Booklet: whatever paper size appears here is the one used for exporting.
Print mode: “Graphics”: Job Type: Normal: paper size here is irrelevant. Refer to Layout Options > Page Setup > Page size.

I can’t say I’ve ever experienced the issue of only the first page exporting. If you can provide a file that demonstrates this problem then I’m sure people will be able to help you out. Either zip up and post here, or email to “d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de” with a link back to this thread (so he knows why you’re emailing a file to him).

I have now taken your suggestion. I have sent Daniel Spreadbury an email with the file attached. To be continued…