Only first plugin in VST3PluginTestHost.exe is working


there’s another problem with VST3PluginTestHost.exe.

It is possible to load more than one plugin. However, the audio routing doesn’t seem to work properly. For example, when I load an instrument plugin as the first plugin and an effects plugin as the second, the audio output of the instrument plugin is supposed to be routed to the effect’s input rather than the main output. Instead, it is still routed to the main output and there is no way to change this, because there is nothing else to assign the instrument’s output to.

The output of the effects plugin is routed to the main output as well. As a result, you hear a mix of the outputs of the instrument and the effect. As there is no signal at the effect’s input, there is no signal at the output either, so the only thing you can hear is the (dry) sound of the instrument, just as if the effect wasn’t there at all.
My question is: How can I make the host route the output of the instrument to the input of the effect rather than routing it directly to the main output?

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Michael

This is just how the test host works. It does not process the plug-ins in series. Every plug-in instantiated gets the input from the input settings in the window.

Thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately, Steinberg does not mention this strange behaviour anywhere in the documentation. I can’t think of any situation in which addressing plugins this way could be useful. Besides that it is extremely annoying especially when you’re developing an effects plugin, because the test host doesn’t let you test your plugin together with an instrument of your choice.