Only half of the PADs play the assigned note/sound

Hi there
I bought a new Midi Controler (MPD218) as I wanted to make drumming more “intuitive” …
Experiencing problem with PAD / Trigge Note mapping in GA SE 4 :neutral_face:
Afte lot’s of searching around, I found out that …

  • the MPD218 needed somehow to be shifted 1 octave for every sound
  • but still not half of the assigned samples where played
  • and this has nothing o do with the MPD 218 - other Midi controller (Korg Keyboard)
    is not playing the sounds either

I compared the pad config, but could not find any differences … so why can’t the (red) sounds not be triggered from external midi controler nor in the cubase key-editor itself ?
they only “sound” from the GA pad (mouse click) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks for any idea about the source of this issue!


Hi Chris,
the red displayed “Off” for “Pad Exclusive Group” shows that there are different settings for the selected instrument pads.
What happens, if you set all pads to OFF?
The “Filter Type” is also displayed in red. Please check this setting as well.
Hope this helps.

Hi Cubender
Thanks a lot for these hint. As it looks I concentrated too much on the MPK and GA.
The (pre recorded) drum track had a drum map assigned, this causing the troubles :confused:

Cheers, Chris