only In-Place Editor Shows all the Notes [Bug]


I just noticed that in my viola part, I have doubled some notes by octaves however, they are note showing in the key editor nor in Score editor.

Please see the picture for yourself. What is going on please?



Aren’t these 2 overlapped MIDI Events?

Scroll down in the key. editor to see the note, scroll bar on far right of the editor

Should the Viola be on a C Clef and not a Treble here?

No they are not.

No! As you can see at the cursor the note is F3 and in the zone there is nothing there and so in the score editor.

Regarding the clef, I change it to C and I guess when I copy from one staff to other, it replaces it. I appreciate it if you could tell me how I can copy only the notes without not changing the Clef to the clef of the source of the copy.

Thank you,


IF you look at your EDITOR view it is in fact on F5 NOT F3, simply scroll down to view it

Hey there, as far as the Score and copy issue, Im not sure. I will mess with it here some to se what I can figure out. In the mean time for your Scoring pleasure as Im no Scoring guy here with Cubase as I think it is too complex for daily usage. I would opt for Dorico or stay with Finale for scoring tasks.

I did. There is nothing there. You can also see it from jpg, score editor is not showing it.