Only microphone loopback

Hi Steinberg,
I’m looking for a new audio interface, and I found the UR242, which matches with my needs.
Before buying it, I just need an information.
It is possible to just loopback the microphone ?
In fact, I’d like to hear the game I play, and not my mic, but send the sound of my mic in a vocal chat (discord, steam…), without my mates can hear my game.

You requesting the opposite… loopback would be to send the input back to the output on the same device. That’s not what you want.

This has nothing to do with your microphone, this is handled by the software you are using.
But if configured correctly the UR242 will work with all streaming software.

Ok, thanks.
I read the manual and I didn’t found how to configure it. It’s why I came here…
So if it works…perfect !

It’s just another sound-card in the OS.

But, while you are at it, how to configure it ?
It could helps many others…

What you mean with configure it?

Plug your microphone in and select the input in your software and set the output from your software to whatever your speakers or headphones are connected.

What I mean is how to (where to do it ?(windows, dspmixfx, game, vocal chat ?)) :

  • send my mic to vocal chat
  • send my game to the speakers
  • send the voice of my mates from the vocal chat to the speakers

I don’t know what sound-card you are using at the moment…how did you configure that?
The same applies for the UR242.

Again it’s just a different sound card…

Oh, now I have no sound card.
It’s just I would know how to configure it when my UR242 will arrive.

can you use your system for voice chat? Right now!
Do you hear the game sound?
If yes, you have a sound card.

Right now I just have a Behringer Eurorack UB802 (last version of Xenyx 802).
The stereo out of my computer is plugged in stereo line 3/4, my mic in line 1.
The sound of my mic is sent by fx send to the mic entry of my computer, so I hear me in the speakers.
My speakers are plugged in main out.
So, it actually works, but the built-in sound car of my motherboard isn’t very good.

the UR242 replaces the built in soundcard and all your device (microphone and speakers) can plug into the interface, the mixing of the internal sources is handled through the Windows mixer or your chat software.
No configuration of the UR242 is really necessary… since it is easier
to use the WDM driver for your use case.

Ok ! Perfect.
Thanks for helping me !