Only people with an iq over 130 can solve this

How to switch phase in Groove Agent ? (Without sending to mixconsole)


I’m afraid Switch Phase process is not in the Groove Agent (SE) available.

Btw, the Invert Phase is available in the Project window too.

Risking my IQ score here: :mrgreen: Doesn’t all tracks “send to the mixconsole”? Otherwise you would’nt be able to hear them, right?

Thanks Martin, yes we can invert phase before loading sample to GA, but it’s waaaay to long.

For ex. i’ve put 5 kick sample in 1 cell, and need switch phase for some of them.
Wondering WHY GA5se & GA5 (FULL VERSION!) doesn’t have this function yet

Just edit the start of the clashing sample…

Ya pick one of the samples and adjust the start point in a few samples. I’d argue this is better than flipping the phase actually. Then it’s not a binary option.