Only problems with „Audio Engine Latency“

Unfortunately, I do not understand the function " Audio Engine Latency". It is actually intended for multicore processors, but must be turned off when such processes occur.

Where is the sense there?

I have such a processor, an A12 Bionic six-core in an iPad Air. But every time its performance is demanded, there are massive dropouts and cracking noises. Even when I have only one track and one synth loaded, the DSP display goes completely crazy. With Pipa from Klevgrand, the signal even hangs permanently. In such cases, there is unfortunately no function to interrupt or deactivate the signal. You can only use the mute function or remove the synth, which is not really practical. In another case I loaded the Maxima from FAC into my project, no matter if on a track or in the master channel, after that nothing worked at all, because it only crackled like crazy. It doesn’t help to increase or decrease the milliseconds in the function.

So I ask myself, why do I need this function, if I have to turn it off when I need it most, because otherwise nothing works anymore?

I have read all your advices to this theme. So you don’t need to point that out to me. Please rather explain to me what it is really useful for and if the function will be improved in the future.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

Bye _marshMellow

Hi marshMellow,

Thank you for your message, and sorry for my late reply.

While the new latency option brings additional performance improvements, there can be cases (on some iOS devices) where multicore rendering doesn’t yield the expected result.

Here, we recommend to disable the audio engine latency setting to achieve best results.

Nevertheless, Cubasis 3.2 adds many improvements in various areas of the apps, especially when using 3rd party Audio Units, leading to an overall improved performance.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

Hello Lars,

thank you for the answer. That’s not nice to know that I got a bad device with which this function can not be executed without problems. Then I will probably have to leave the function turned off.

Have a nice weekend.

bye _marshMellow

This article explains that the new Cubasis 3.2 Multicore-rendering only does its magic on devices

“with more than two high-performance CPU cores”

(Cubasis 3.2 - Multicore-rendering & Latency Settings)

I had experienced the same performance issues on my iPad Air 3. After checking on Apple Wikipedia documentation I learned that the A12 Bionic only has two high-performance CPU cores (2.49 GHz Hexa-core (2x high-performance Vortex + 4x high-efficiency Tempest); only iPads Pro includes four high-performance CPUs.

Anyway, not a big deal: I just turned off the feature and everything went back to normal. I started trying different latency options and I found a combination that also works.

Thank you for the information, Marcal. That explains the problems.

Greetings _marshMellow