Only showed used parts of region in sample editor?

Is it possible to only showed used parts of region in sample editor? For example I have a vocal track made up of multiple takes. If I double click to open a region in the sample editor, instead of just showing that region, its showing the entire audio file, including parts I dont want.

I do have the option in the sample editor “show audio event” active, and this helps by highlighting the part of the audio I’m using, but it still shows me the rest. This is particularly annoying when trying to do VariAudio work as it not only makes it frustrating having to close and open multiple regions, but VariAudio has to analyze all the recorded files in full and not just the regions in use.

As a work around I’m currently “rendering in place” my comps so they are new regions, but this not only adds more audio files to my project, but for some reason on my system it will literarily take 5min+ to render in place (dry without effects) a 10 second region, so this becomes very time consuming.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I think you’re stuck with it showing as long as it is part of the original file…rather than rendering in place you might try to use the old bounce selection.