Only some audio tracks playback + glitches

Can anybody help? I had this problem with Cubase AI4 following a reinstall of windows after windows was corrupted. I upgraded to Cubase LE AI elements version 8 and the problem didn’t reoccur with new software until now. It is odd because previously saved projects are fine but changes/ new projects have begun to encounter this problem

1.) I record a track (in this case a guitar track) this records and plays fine.
2.) I set up 3 tracks for recording drums (with 3 mics) and experiment recording drums with guitar track.
3.) The tracks all appear to record perfectly (i.e there is a wave form, and they play as they should in sample editor)
4.) When I play back the tracks only up to two of them play together at a time, sometimes one of the other has glitches which show up in the level meter intemittantly. Also when I reload the project it is often different tracks which don’t play i.e sometimes the guitar track doesn’t play and sometimes it does

I use a tascam 1641 audio interface and I have tried updating drivers but this doesn’t help
I use Windows 7
Anybody else encountered this and have a solution?


Try to increase the Buffer Size. Unfortunately, Tascam doesn’t have very good ASIO driver. Maybe, it’s worth to try ASIO4ALL (even if I don’t like it, in this case, it’s maybe worth).

Hi Martin,
Thanks for replying, (new user name as I got locked out forgot password and the process to get access again doesn’t work) tried installing ASIO4ALL and increasing buffer with this driver, couldn’t figure out how to increase buffer in us1641 driver, however that didn’t work. Any other suggestions? Getting frustrating now, but thanks for suggestion.


Try to use LatencyMon utility to find, if there is any issue related to the system performance, please.