Only two features away from being a perfect DAW

First, thank you Steinberg devs for giving me my feature that I’ve been asking for: Mono to stereo tracks with a button press! This is the second feature that you added from my suggestions list (the previous request you added was the colored mixer channels, which makes a huge difference).
I haven’t upgraded yet, but I just wanted to mention that there are now only two features missing that if added, would make this the perfect DAW for me, making me give up Pro Tools and Studio One forever:

1). Get rid of “quick controls” and replace the “QC learn mode” icon with a “MIDI learn” button above each plugin window, which we can then map to any encoder or fader that we have setup in our MIDI Remote section. For every plugin mapping, create a txt file or other type of file that remembers these mappings so that whenever this plugin is loaded again in the future, the controls will be remembered, regardless of which track or insert slot the plugin is located. Then, whichever plugin is in focus will have the correct parameters. This will also allow those of us with MIDI Fighter Twisters to use all 32 of our encoders at the same time without paging or work-arounds.

2). Create a global console/tape sim solution like how Avid’s HEAT works. HEAT is awesome, and makes getting good sounds so much easier by having global saturation controls that affect every track simultaneously, rather than having to load tape effects on every track. Turning the knob one way does odd-order harmonics, and turning the other way does even-order harmonics (like tape vs tube). Studio One tried to do something similar, but I don’t like the results as much as HEAT.

Now that I have my stereo plugin feature on mono tracks, I’m just the above two features away from declaring Cubase the perfect DAW (for me). :slight_smile:

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Yes, the one button switch is a very welcome addition.
Regarding your suggestions, the first is something I could certainly get behind if it’s technically feasible. I’m somewhat indifferent to your second suggestion but you reminded me that years ago, Steinberg introduced something called Truetape (if I recall correctly) to Cubase, which did something similar to Heat. No idea whatever happened to it.

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Thanks for the reply, KT66.

In Studio One, it lets us do MIDI learn above each plugin and bind it to whichever encoder we turn, and it only applies when that plugin is in focus, whereas it seems like Cubase is using quick controls to control plugin parameters. We don’t have MIDI learn in plugins, per se - we have quick control learn, and there’s only 8 of them. The problem for me is, I have 32 encoders and 16 buttons per page.

We could either get rid of quick controls altogether and have direct MIDI learn mapping (above the plugin) to the MIDI remotes’ available knobs, or keep quick controls but give us a ton of them (like 1024), so long as I don’t have to keep mapping the plugin parameters for every new project.

Yep, understood. The ‘feasibility’ I was referring to was whether these mappings can be retained across all plugin parameters from one track to the next and one project to the next. It would basically be a repository of all installed plugins along with their respective parameters mapped to whatever controller you have. Instantiating a plugin would automatically call up the map.