Only VST version 2.4 of Kontakt 6.5. is visible in Cubase 11

Hi there,

I am surprised that my VST-plugin Manager in Cubase 11 lists only VST 2.4 version of Kontakt 6.5.
The majority of other plugins are VST 3.6.x versions. Is my VST 3.6 version of Kontakt 6.5 hiding somewhere on my computer, and I need to add a path to it manually?

Win 10/64-bit, Cubase 11 Pro, Kontakt 6.5

Native Instruments are living in a other time the rest of us. If it was not for Covid they might even planned to celebrate a new millennium.


I am not surprised, since almost all Native Instruments plugins are only available as VST2 - (which generally lists just as “VST”).

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Yes, I can confirm. Unfortunately…

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