Oooh, those lovely C6 amp sims

Just tried ALL of em out, some fabulous stuff in there. Wanna sound like Angus? No problem. Richie Blackmore? No problem :smiley: Quite a selection; from clean to crunch, from jazz to numetal. Footpedals are excellent too. Just gotta sort out my rusty playing and some serious rockin’ can commence :sunglasses:

Cool, Phil. Thanks for the report. One of the reason’s I’d upgrade would be for this, but I’ve got so much kit already that I haven’t delved into half of it. :laughing:

Aloha P,

And sooo true. And I’m glad you mentioned the jazz amp(s) sims.

I have tried and like many other apps but the jazz thang
was never quite there.

Well finally with C6 the guitar bench is full.

I can now go from ‘Wes to Jimi’, with a Jeff Beck, Chet Atkins stop in between.

Don’t get me wrong. Nothing can beat firing up a ‘real’ tube amp and sticking a ‘57 in front
of it, but these C6 sims IMHO come very very close.

You??? Upgrade???


:fyb: :yfc:

Ah, bollox. They don’t work, here. :mrgreen:

Can’t be arsed, especially when you get my drift from :yfc:. :wink: :mrgreen:

True…:yfj: :wink:

Don’t you have sheep that need :tending:? :wink:

I am getting clueless now. :confused:

Is this an inside thingie?

Just a variation of a theme. :wink:

Sorry Tom, yes, I guess it is ( for you )

Nate & I ( and Phil, Swamptone and others ) frequent another Forum which spills over to here sometimes :slight_smile: