Open a project recorded on one VSTi in another VSTi

Hi all

We have a load of student projects recorded in Cubase V4 using NI Bandstand. We are updating to Cubase V8 and want to replace the aging NI Bandstand using Halion SE in its place (using the same GM numbered sounds that they both have)

Is there an easy way to get the projects to open with the new version of Cubase without Bandstand installed and re-mapping them to Halion without having to do this manually for each track?


So I think I have come up with a partial answer, it looks like the way to do this is to export the old version project as a midi file and then import it into the new version (Halion is automatically assigned as the instrument to use)

The only issues are:

  1. All the tracks are assigned to one multi timbrel instance of Halion (as opposed to a separate instance of Halion per track) - - this means that our students have to change midi channels on their keyboards to play the corresponding instruments
  2. They have to manually select the correct instrument as Halion opens 15 channels as acoustic piano (with channel 10 correctly being drums)

Is there any way to overcome these issues please


Change in the MIDI file import options

Make sure, Program change and Bank select CC atr not filtered anx can be read ny Cubase