Open All Plug-in Windows

Like we have Close All Plug-in Windows and Show/Hide Plug-ins, it would be nice to have Open All Plug-ins. Very often I need to open all plug-ins from track’s Insert slots and see whole sandbox to decide what I need to change.

Additionally there may be an option - Arrange (tile) plug-ins on screen in an order they are in insert slots.

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Previous serious gorgeous featurous requestous here:

P.S. Still no reply from our lovely serious gorgeous teamous memberous :smiley:

Pretty sure you can already do this. I think it’s SHIFT+CTRL whilst clicking on the “e” to open your track inspector.

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Wow! I didn’t know this key combination.

I tried your SHIFT+CTRL, but it didn’t work, then I tried ALT+SHIFT and click on track’s “e” - and it works.

Thank you very much!

Cool. So CTRL+SHIFT and ‘e’ will close them all again.

Yes, and it closes also Channel Settings window if it’s open. So today’s result:

  • Open plugins of one track - Alt+Shift + click on “e”
  • Close all plugins of one track - Ctrl+Shift + click on “e” (closes also Channel Settings)
  • Close all opened plugin windows - assign your own keys! Look in KeyCommands for “Windows → Close All Plug-in Windows”, I suppose I assigned Ctrl+Alt+W by myself. There is also another good KeyCommand - “Show/Hide Plug-ins”, I have it on Ctrl+Alt+H, very useful for me.

@Dunk79 , but what do you think on my old feature request I linked in main post?