Open and Close Selected Track Lanes on Cubase Pro 11 but likely works on most

This is an Update to a post about this on a Cubase 9 thread
Using the Logical Editor & a Key Command to Open and Close or Toggle only the Selected Track Lanes.
Upper Half of Project Logical Editor.
Click on the plus sign to add a line of condition.

  1. Under ‘Filter Target’ - Select ‘Container Type’
  2. Under ‘Condition’ - Select ‘Equal’
  3. Under ‘Parameter 1’ - Select ‘Track’
    Click on the plus sign to add a line of condition.
  4. Under ‘Filter Target’ - Select ‘Property’
  5. Under ‘Condition’ - Select ‘Property Is Set’
  6. Under ‘Parameter 1’ - Select ‘Event Is Selected’

Lower Half of Project Logical Editor
7. Under ‘Action Target’ - Select ‘Track Operation’
8. Under ‘Operation’ - Select ‘Lanes Active’
9. Under ‘Parameter 1’ - Select ‘Toggle’
All the way in the Bottom
Select ‘Transform’ next to ‘Function’
Click Apply and check that it’s working on your Selected Track.
Save it with a name like Toggle Selected Track Lanes and it will create a preset available for further use.
Now on Key Commands inside the folder Processes Project Logical Editor you will find the ‘Toggle Selected Track Lanes’. You can assign for example Shift-Alt ‘L’ to open and close the Selected Track Lanes with a Key Command.
Without the second line of condition in the Upper Section the ‘Apply’ will Open All Track Lanes and Close All the Track Lanes that have been open manually or by preset if using instead of 'Toggle ’ - ‘Disable’ or ‘Enable’ is Selected in Parameter 1 Lower Half.