Open Audio and Midi in Edit Window Simultaneously

Hey guys.

Was wondering if its possible to open an audio track and a Midi track in a single edit window (kinda like opening multiple midi tracks)

If not, that would be wonderful, as it would allow me to edit Midi with the Audio in site and quantize and move parts around to match each other more easily.


The nearest you can get to this is to open the MIDI lane editor, and then you can edit MIDI and audio in the project/arrange screen. Having BIG monitor real estate helps.

It’s hard to imagine what an edit page showing combined MIDI and audio would look like…

That’s kinda what I do, open the in-place midi editor and drag the Audio track above the midi track. still would be nice to have the ability to see both simultaneously, with the Audio in the BG and the Midi in the Fore or vice versa depending on what you’re working on.

An in place audio editor would be so nice…

Aloha and +1