Open bar with repeat symbols on different locations


How can I recreate this in Dorico (see attachment)?
The arrows can be done with this font: Arrow Crafter Font |

My main concern is the repeat signs on different locations in an open bar.

Thanks in advance

Dear Pieter,
I’ve copied your little example without too much trouble. The only things that need some tweaking are
• the fermatas in different time locations (move in Engrave mode or use fake fermatas using playing technique editor)
• The arrows (hairpins closed with a shift-X arrowhead should do the trick.)
To have those different repeat barlines, proceed like this:

  1. Invoke the caret in first staff, press shift-M, write open in the popover and alt-enter.
  2. Proceed as 1. for all staves
  3. Invoke the caret at the beginning of piccolo staff, shift-B, write |: in the popover and alt-enter. You’ll have your first independent start repeat.
  4. Write your piccolo part and when you have to enter the end repeat, invoke popover, write :neutral_face: and alt-enter
  5. Do the same for other instruments!
    Hope it helps!!!

Edit : Here’s my result. I cannot understand why, when I insert the start repeat for the bassoon, Dorico inputs | |: instead of |:

Capture d’écran 2018-08-18 à 22.54.14.png

Hi Marc

I’m really impressed, your instructions are crystal clear! Thank you for putting in the effort.
It is very reassuring to learn that Dorico is able to beautifully create these kind of, let’s be honest, complex structures.

Best regards!

I’ve tried it myself now.
I have the same problem with the | |: appearing in some cases. Maybe Daniel can shed some light?
Also: how did you get rid of the excess rests? Using the ‘ends voice’ doesn’t always do it…

I used the opacity trick (properties panel > color > opacity) to hide undotted rests (but keep some space in the bar)

The opacity trick does the job, thanks Marc.
I’m sure the Dorico team will work on an extended graphics (such as arrows) feature in the future.

If you attach your example here, I’ll take a look at what’s going on with the barline.

Thanks Daniel

You can acces the file through this link:
When I tried to upload it I got an ERROR: wrong extention.

Yes, Pieter. You can only attach zip files. What you can do is change the name of the file by and upload it, it does work.

Hi Marc

Ofcourse! It was late last night, I think my brain quits at around 10.30 pm.
Example attached as ZIP now.
Barline (326 KB)

RIght, I see what’s happening here, and it makes sense. The end repeat barline on the first staff and the start repeat barline on the third staff are at the same rhythmic position, so the whole block from the left-hand side of the end repeat and the right-hand side of the start repeat is treated as a single barline from a spacing point of view. There’s nothing you can do to influence this, and indeed Dorico is operating as designed in this case. You would need to make sure that the barlines come at slightly different rhythmic positions, which could perhaps be done using slightly different tuplet ratios on each staff.

Ah, that does make sense! Thanks Daniel!