Open beaming query

Hello, I am writing out a Harp part. Is it possible to replicate the “open beam”, as in the example below?



Like this?

Enter the notes as a 7:4 tuplet, in Properties hide the number, hide the bracket. Enter an eighth for the last note in the bar, in Properties hide the notehead, hide the stem, hide the ledger lines. Bump the invisible note over to the right with the Note Spacing Tool to extend the beam.


Quite a few steps! Thanks for this. I suppose the beauty of this is that once you have the first one in place, you can copy and paste it to other places without having to go through this procedure.


Hmm, sort of running into this myself. For a class handout I’m trying to keep to one system per excerpt. The techniques I want to illustrate are presented but I can’t finish the transcribed phrase without moving to another system. Is a hidden note and then manual adjustment still the best way to have a beam to nowhere? I’m trying to imply the phrase continues but I ran out of room.

(There’s a completely different transcribed excerpt on the next system.)

I guess you could also use a rest with a forced stemlet, then set the rest to be 1% size, and override the stemlet to zero length. Not sure it’s much easier.

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You should be able to create a “beam to nowhere” on a single note by selecting it and then doing Beam Together. You can’t control the length of this sort of mini-beam but you can adjust its angle in Engrave mode.


I need open beams at start and end for lots of items in the New Complexity music I engrave. This is a feature request.

I know it goes against how Dorico currently works but it would be great to be able to specify an open beam and then have a control point in engrave mode that lets you drag out to any desired length. At the risk of gaining forum demerit points, this is easily done in Lilypond. :slight_smile:

Thanks! That works well in this situation.