Open / Close All plugins with one Key (SOLUTION)

Hi There,

I finally found a solution to open and close all plugins on the selected channel with just one keyboard shortcut, no need to use the mouse. Since I’ve been looking for an option for long time I decided to make a video about it. So maybe others find it helpful.

Video: Open And Close All Plugins With ONE KEY SHORTCUT in Cubase - YouTube

Let me know if you have questions


What would happen of you would keep the same MIDI Message for all 16 Generic Remote slots? Would the one MIDI Message trigger all functions?

Would you mind to share the Generic Remote XML file publicly (maybe a link below your video)?

Hi Martin,

That was my first idea but it doesn’t work. Only the first insert opens. I hope we get some workflow updates with cubase 13. Already counting the days :smiling_face:Great idea with the xml file! I’ll do it when I have some time :slight_smile:


I was also thinking if a MIDI Remote script would solve this easier…?

I think this is still not possible with the current version of midi remote because you can’t select the individual plugin slots.

Tried the script I’ve posted here?

Our friend @Martin.Jirsak didn’t have much luck with it, while in my setup it works as expected. Perhaps an os weirdness which I have to look at.