Open, close and bypass the inserts in cubase with a Korg Nano Pad 2

Hello Cubasers! I am writing here in case anyone is interested in this utility, at least I have looked for it a lot! This utility consists of using a Midi Pads controller (in my case a Korg Nano Pad 2) to be able to open and close the inserts 1 to 8, with the lower pads, and bypass that plug-in or whatever you want with the upper pads. . that is, the first pad from the bottom left opens Insert 1 of the selected channel, if you press it again it closes. if you press the upper left pad it bypasses that plugin and if you press it again it activates it again, as with all but only Bank 1, of course you can continue mapping as you like. I attach 2 screenshots for the controller configuration and even the XML file ready to import, any questions ask me !!!Cubase Midi Controller|attachment (198.1 KB)


Good one!

I would do just a small translation of the screenshot to the English:

  • In the upper part, the R, , R, flags are: Receive and Relative.
  • In the bottom part, the ,A, flag is actually: Toggle (T) in the English version.
  • The Channel/device Category is set to Selected.

Yes, I remembered later that maybe I should put it in English !! but it is appreciated. I hope users find it useful !!

PS: if necessary I put it in English, it is not a problem for me!

The XML was not uploaded, right?

Open Close Bypass Inserts NANO (876 Bytes)

the .XML file

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